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Alexander Sports Therapy & Wellness Clinic


Tailored Sports Therapy services, run by BSc (Hons) Sports Therapist  Aquino Alexander. Being a firm believer that health should be  highly valued, accessible and affordable for everyone. Alexander Sports Therapy & Wellness Clinic launched in November 2017 to provide clients not only within London, but the surrounding areas with an individual and fresh approach to improve their soft tissue health and well-being. Alongside the convenience and accessibility of the clinic, it caters to everyone, whether they lead an active or sedentary lifestyle. The inspiration behind establishing Alexander Sports Therapy & Wellness Clinic came from the founder and owner. He posed the question to himself: “If I were a client, looking for the best, most appropriate health care for my health issue, what would I want to find?”. The answer that immediately came to mind was, “An establishment which looks at me as an individual. I want to be able to come and meet an highly skilled professional who have a genuine concern for me and helping to address my condition”. After spending many years working in various healthcare practices, he realised that the ideal setting would be one where an individual had the opportunity to make use of many different therapies. We all differ in our likes and dislikes. The health issues we can suffer from are also many and varied. It makes sense to have a variety of therapies available, as different disciplines will approach a problem in a slightly different way. If the therapies are available and housed under one roof, it is a simple and effective way to treat client's.



Aquino Alexander


Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree from the University of Birmingham in 2014, Aquino not only understands and has the skills required to identify various musculoskeletal injuries, but how to treat, and provide advice on what can be done in order to avoid an injury from reoccurring. A client's  treatment does not end once the session is completed, but continuous home care advice is given in regards to what specific stretches and exercises are required. 

Knowing that being able to provide a wide range of therapies in order to provide clients with the best care possible on their road to recovery. Aquino went on to gain qualifications in a variety of therapies, including Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping Therapy, and Acupuncture (Dry Needling). As a Sports Therapist, he enjoys being able to bridge the gap between western medicine and the “alternatives,” while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.

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