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Will Sports Or Deep Tissue Massage hurt?.

Here at Alexander Sports Therapy & Wellness Clinic, we think it is important to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ pain. At times during the treatment you may experience discomfort particularly in areas where there is an increase in muscular tension. The ‘No pain no gain’ mantra does not apply and a well trained therapist will always be able to work within the boundaries expressed by a client.


Will I be covered during the session?.

You will be properly covered or draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable. Only the area being worked on will be exposed. No areas will be exposed without your consent. You should always let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable for any reason during your treatment.



Will I feel any side affects after my Massage?.

​It is common for your muscles to feel temporarily tired or heavy, similar to how you may feel after a workout. A small number of clients receiving a massage feel achy, flu like or complain of a headache. This is due to all the toxins that have been released from your muscles. These symptoms are completely normal and should pass within 24 hours. Some people may feel cold after a massage, as the massage has encouraged blood to flow near the surface of the skin causing heat loss. 



How many sessions will I need?.

Every person and condition is unique. You and your therapist will be able to talk more specifically about this after your first session and they've had a chance to evaluate your body's tissues. For those who use massage as preventative care or to manage daily stress, one massage a month is common. Bi-weekly sessions may be desirable if you are receiving massage for injury relief or to relieve chronic tightness that is interfering with your daily life.

Do you leave the room to allow me to get undressed?.

Yes, your dignity, privacy and comfort are important.

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